Week 2 – The Ride Continues

Is it really only two weeks since Rogo hit the app store? There have been so many highs and lows in the time that it seems like much longer. It is still difficult to concentrate on much else.
There was an article about the game in the Sunday Star times, and one in the University of Canterbury Chronicle on Monday and then one in the Christchurch Mail on Wednesday. Each of them has the same photo of Bruce, Nicola (me) and Shane wearing our Rogo T-shirts and brandishing our iPods loaded with Rogo at the camera. There was a little spike in sales on Sunday as a result.
My sister-in-law in the US has a lot of Facebook friends and has kindly told them about Rogo for us, and I am contacting at least three people a day to tell them about our exciting new game. It is uphill work, but we feel we just need to build critical mass, and then…
Our Youtube video is getting lots of views, which we hope will translate into sales.
We stayed at the top of the Educational games in New Zealand for the week, and spent most of the time in the top 10 puzzle games.
The booklets of puzzles for Cobham Intermediate school have been printed, and will go on sale today, along with their survival kits. The proceeds will help take their “Future Problem Solving” team to the United States for a competition in the middle of next year. The children have been using paper Rogo puzzles in the classroom and are very keen on them.

View from Checkpoint 56 over Christchurch city on the Twilight Rogaine

Nicola and Mark (Dr Rogo and Rogoman) took part in a Rogaine on the Port Hills this week, and had a wonderful time enjoying views of Christchurch and Lyttleton harbour, in between searching for checkpoints and solving cryptic clues. We got back on time, which can be a challenge for us, and scored a modest 600 points. The winning team scored about 1500! They must have run the whole three hours. Thanks Tim and the team for organising such a fun event.

We had hoped that Rogo might have gained a little more momentum before Christmas so we could be another Doodle Jump! But we are happy that we are gradually getting the app out there, and confident that its quality will shine through. After a little break we are now developing the website further, preparing the upgrade for release in January, and contacting publishers regarding a book.