Rogo puzzle loves AppAnnie

It is nearly a month now since our little Rogo puzzle app was launched into the big wide world, and like all good parents we have watched her progress closely. Each sale is precious to us, and every drop in rank a cause for concern. Our greatest ally in this parenting adventure has been – not iTunes Connect (even though they are the ones that collect the money) – but AppAnnie. AppAnnie is an “App Nanny” that looks after your apps for you and provides information to anyone about all the apps in all the app stores.

Even while Rogo was still being created we watched the app store to see how her future playmates, and dare I say, competitors, were faring. AppAnnie was invaluable for this as well. Anyone can see the graphs showing the rank history of any app they are interested in, in any store they are interested in. We enjoyed watching Matt Rix’s success with Trainyard, back in October.

Historical ranks for Trainyard on the US store

The Top 5 Matrix gives a range of overviews by country or by category for the day of your choosing. We were pretty excited for Rogo to appear in this as the top Educational Game in New Zealand.

The Top 5 matrix for Educational Games - See Rogo!

You can also see what was the highest rank an app has achieved in each of the stores and each of the categories. These are Rogo’s “baby photos” and available in the public domain.

But AppAnnie has a more personal service for app developers. Each night AppAnnie collects the sales figures for Rogo from iTunes Connect, and sends a report. She puts all the reviews into one place (whereas on iTunes Connect you have to check each store).

Some recent reviews for Rogo. All five star!

AppAnnie tells you where your apps are being featured.

Rogo is Hot in sixteen places.

My personal favourite is AppAnnie’s breakdown of sales by store in a very colourful format. (We removed the numbers to preserve Rogo’s modesty).

Graph of Rogo sales by country

All this is provided at no cost, though you do provide AppAnnie access to your sales data. For any anxious new developer, watching the progress of their infant app, it is invaluable. For anyone interested in purchasing apps, it is a way of finding out what is hot in, say, Botswana! And for mathematics and statistics teachers it provides some interesting instances of data representation, and data for analysis.

Thanks AppAnnie – the Rogo team loves you!

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  • Hey Rogo, thanks for the wonderful blog post! It is really a heart-warming read.

    AppAnnie loves you too – and seems so do all your reviewers! :) Congrats!

    – AppAnnie
    (and the team behind her)