First week roller-coaster ride

Friday 10 December 2010
It’s a week today that we got word that our App, Rogo was approved for sale in the app store.
And what a week it has been.
After the initial excitement, we started  by emailing all our friends to let them know the happy news, and encourage them to buy Rogo.
Then on Saturday and Sunday we attended an iDev Conference at Jade Software. It was the first of its kind in New Zealand, and a fantastic way to enter the world of iOS development and meet lots of very nice people. And it was an opportunity to spread the word on Rogo. Consequently our sales on Saturday and Sunday were pretty good too.

The app store app became my favourite thing to look at. There is something pretty magic about seeing our own icon in the list of Game categories.
Rogo has been top Educational Game in New Zealand from the time we launched, except for a day when Dora’s Christmas bumped us out.

The week has been one of obsession and highs and lows. Most of the time has been taken up with emailing people and review sites, sending out Promo codes and monitoring iTunes Connect and AppAnnie to see how we are doing.

The University of Canterbury sent out a media release and has a story on the website, to which we have been directing  people. And we have a Youtube video, that has been getting about 30 hits a day. We heard on Friday that the Sunday Star Times is planning an article this weekend.
A highlight was getting a blog mention by Mike Trick, who is probably the main Operations Research blogger.  This was thanks to Hamish Waterer who had seen our presentation at the ORSNZ conference the previous Tuesday.
We needed reviews in the USA app store, and luckily we know some people with rellies in the states, who own iPhones and iPod touches. We still don’t have quite enough though. We also asked our translator, Rocky, to help us get a review in China and Japan.
Dan from iPhonewzealand was at the iDev and was quite taken with Rogo. He then went on to write an extremely thorough review.
We are also working with Cobham Intermediate, who are fundraising tos end a team of five pupils and two teachers to the Future Problem-Solving  in the US . We are providing 400 Rogo puzzle books for them to sell with all the proceeds to go to their travel fund.
And we were mentioned as “Rogaining on the couch” in a Rogaining newsletter this week. Thanks!