Rogo App

Available on the App StoreRogo AppRogo for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was launched on the App Store on the 3rd of December 2010. It is receiving universal acclaim from puzzle players and technical iOS developers.

Rogo was developed by Creative Heuristics Ltd. Bruce, our programmer, Jessica, our graphics designer, and the rest of the Rogo Team worked hard developing the app for Rogo. We are really excited about the look and feel of the app, particularly the Rogo puzzle solving interface.

Selector winning gemsWhat people are saying about Rogo

The first official review can be seen at iPhonewzealand. Also on this site, Rogo gained a particular mention in the post from Dan about the iDev conference held at Jade in Christchurch recently.

Rogo was also reviewed by Brad Hilderbrand at 148Apps.

Professor Mike Trick has written a nice blog post about Rogo and its connection to Operations Research.

Our Customer App Store Reviews include:

Lots of fun!*****
by StuartWnz
Spent many hours chasing golds, lots of fun!

Great game – simple idea yet mentally hard*****
by WoLLiEnZ
The idea seems simple at first, then your game play changes from guessing to thinking. Great animation with some wacky music. It’s addictive working on receiving that next gold coin.

Original & more-ish*****
by Kiwiman18
Easy to learn, quite easy to get a silver, but the gold…at times deceptively hard. Great buzz when the gold medal finally swoops into position. This a winner!

This video shows how to play:

Good Effort - not quite high enough to get Silver

There are more detailed explanations on how to play Rogo for the pen-and-paper version on our Instructions Page.