The idea for Rogo comes for the sport of Rogaining. Rogaining is a strategic sport incorporating map and compass navigation. Participants choose which points-rated checkpoints to visit – in any order – within a defined time period. Their objective is to collect the highest point score possible. Although Championship Rogaines are 24-hours long, events can be as short as 2 hours. New Zealand hosted the World Rogaining Championships in November 2010, based in Cheviot in North Canterbury. Each participant was given a book of Rogo puzzles as a souvenir.

Operations Research

In a nutshell, operations research (O.R.) is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. Operations research is used to create Rogos and find their solutions. Operations Research is sometimes called Management Science.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the home of Rogo. The scenes on our Rogo booklets are from around New Zealand, and were taken by Mark Petty. New Zealand is known for its spectacular and varied scenery and adventure sports. It is a safe and beautiful place to live and holiday, particularly for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits.

TSP (Travelling Salesperson Problem)

Solving Rogos is related to the Travelling Salesperson Problem (TSP). The aim of a TSP is to find the shortest possible tour visiting all of a given set of locations, coming back to the starting location. TSP is a well studied problem and is used in the design of silicon chips