The aim is to collect as many rewards as possible while taking a route of the given number of squares, returning to your starting point.

  • You can start on any square, with or without a reward on it.
  • You may move vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally.
  • You may not step on the black squares.
  • You must return to your starting point.
  • You may visit the same square once only.

Video instructions


Step-by-step instructions

For this Rogo we are looking for a route of 12 squares (as seen from
the ‘Steps: 12′ at the top of the Rogo).
We’ll start on the 4 in the top row, and head across and down to the 3.
Rogo grid
Finding a route
That took five squares to get to the 3, and we have a score of
4 + 3 = 7 so far. We can take seven more squares to get back to the
Starting a route
Completing a route
Here is a full route, with twelve squares and a total score of 4+3+2+2 = 11.
That’s better than ‘Good’ but not the ‘Best’.
A good route
Trying again
Now we’ll start over the other side and see how we do. We took the
twelve squares and got a total score of 14. That’s the best score!
The best route
Not allowed
This is NOT a legal route, as it has more than one arrow going into the 2 near the middle.
Not allowed. Square visited twice.
Not allowed
This is NOT a legal route, as it doesn’t return to the starting point.
Not allowed. Not a loop.