Why puzzles?

It is interesting – even puzzling (!) to ponder the appeal of puzzles. Puzzles are popular among many ages and cultures, though not all people like them, and different people get enjoyment from different puzzles types. Older people are often keen puzzlers, especially now that their time puzzling is legitimised as “brain training”. Children . . . → Read More: Why puzzles?

The Invention Process: From idea to game app

Mother’s wisdom

My mother has often said “Nothing you ever learn is wasted”. Though I have my doubts about my disco dancing lessons in 1976, in general I have found this to be true. Certainly in the case of the development of Rogo, many things previously learned have proved invaluable.


In an article . . . → Read More: Invention Process

Rogo Puzzle and Operations Research

This is the first blog entry to talk about where Rogo comes from. It has two origins – Rogaining, and Operations Research. Last week I talked about Rogaining, so today it will be Operations Research.

Dr Rogo discovers Operations Research

First, a little personal history. I loved mathematics at school and liked problem solving . . . → Read More: Rogo and O.R.