Why puzzles?

It is interesting – even puzzling (!) to ponder the appeal of puzzles. Puzzles are popular among many ages and cultures, though not all people like them, and different people get enjoyment from different puzzles types. Older people are often keen puzzlers, especially now that their time puzzling is legitimised as “brain training”. Children . . . → Read More: Why puzzles?

Rogo math puzzle for children

This week I’m keen for some feedback from teachers and parents – and kids themselves. I am trying out a new form of Rogo, which involves various starting points, and has a story behind it.

I’d love to have some comments about it, especially about the instructions!

If you have trouble printing it, you . . . → Read More: Rogo for children

Teaching Tips for Rogo puzzle in mathematics classes

Rogo puzzles appeal to a wide range of ages. Here are some great ideas on how to use Rogo in the classroom. No doubt imaginative teachers will think up many more. You will need to be conversant with Rogo puzzles before some of the following ideas will resonate. If you would like to share . . . → Read More: Teaching Tips