What is Rogo puzzle?

A totally new puzzle

Rogo is an entirely new type of puzzle. The object is to collect the biggest score possible using a given number of steps in a loop around a grid. The best possible score for a puzzle is given with it, so you can easily check that you have solved the puzzle. Rogo puzzles can also include forbidden squares, which must be avoided in your loop.

Give Rogo a try

To get started on Rogo, have a look at the instructions link and check out the Current Rogo Puzzle – there is a new one each day. Solutions to all of the previous Rogos are available if you get really stuck.

Background information

Rogo was invented at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, by Dr Nicola Ward Petty and Dr Shane Dye. You can read about it here: iPhone app for UC designed puzzle.

At times the Rogo blog will give some of the history of the Rogo puzzle and Rogo app.

The following are such topics:
The invention process