Rogo - the New Puzzle Game

Rogo is a completely new, fun, puzzle that uses adding and problem-solving skills. It is well suited to all ages, from young kids through to older folk trying to keep their brains active. Here is a brief outline of what you can find on this site.

A quicker challenge than Sudoku

A single Rogo game generally takes less time than a Sudoku or Crossword, but occasionally one will seem impossible. Rogo is an easy puzzle to pick up and simple to learn.

Background information

On this website you can find out all about Rogo puzzle– what it is, where it comes from, who made it, what people are saying about it, and links to other related topics such as rogaining and Operations Research.

You can also find out about Creative Heuristics Ltd, the company that brought Rogo to the world.


A blog covers a range of topics – how Rogo games can be used in the Math classroom, the sport of Rogaining from which Rogo originates, the development process and research on solution difficulty.

Rogo App

Rogo puzzle for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was launched in December 2010. This site provides support to the Rogo app, including links to the instruction Youtube video, reviews and credits.

Play here

Rogo was invented first for pen and paper. We provide daily a new, free, printable Rogo puzzle to solve. Soon there will be an interface to play on-line. However the printed version, which requires adding and counting is most beneficial for math classes and brain-training. There are also instructions on how to solve Rogo on paper, and links to a helpful Youtube video.


Rogo develops skills including number recognition, adding, counting,  problem solving, geometry, route-finding and persistence, and is fun for all ages. Rogo puzzles can be adapted to teach specific number facts and there are multiple imaginative ways to use them. These are covered in our Education section.

Contact us

Ask about a problem with a puzzle or the app, or discuss a future business proposition.  Or simply tell us how much you like Rogo!